Managed IT Services

The ultimate goal of technology is to provide information and services while the inner workings remain transparent to the end user. A well run business provides employees access to what they need to do their job when they need it.

Our company provides yours that peace of mind. We’ll manage anything from the tiniest details to the servers that support your entire operation. You may not need a dedicated staff member, but you also don’t want to rely on someone in your organization who has other responsibilities and just happens to be “good with computers”. There’s too much at stake.

We can function as your total IT solution or work with your technology support force to free them up for project work while we address the more mundane tasks. We’ll monitor your systems remotely, we’ll back-up your data, and we’ll come to your office to fix whatever is broken. We’ll simplify your life.


Application Development

If you’ve ever purchased more than you need or a software solution that didn’t exactly fit, we can assist. Most of what you require already exists; all it takes is a professional to put the pieces together.

Whether it’s Windows or MAC or iPhone or Droid; custom applications get your operation running with more automation and efficiency. It’s one of our specialties -- we can truly design solutions with your objective in mind. It’s the only way to really get things done.


Integration Services

We are adept at assimilating independent systems so they work together -- effortlessly. It could be with a program we’ve already developed or a customized one that needs to be created, but either way we’ll take seemingly disparate systems and deliver true integrated work flow to your operation.

When programs and services are combined to work as one, you will reduce the number of keystrokes required to achieve any task, you take human error out of the equation, and you eliminate the stress of repetitive tasks. Integration makes your data safer and your progress faster.


Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions

The simple truth of a technology-driven life: “There are two kinds of people in the world: those who backup, and those who wish they would have.”

The issue of it’s not “if” but “when” is the ugly reality. It is challenging to be out of service for any period of time; but it’s another problem entirely when you lose significant or sensitive data. Having a plan and off-site back-up goes a long way toward your sanity and serves as a major selling point to your clients. Regardless of flood, fire, or natural catastrophe, we’ll keep your data warm and dry.

Get ahead of the curve and ahead of the inevitable; talk to us about securing your livelihood.